Introduction: Weight gain or obesity is a common issue nowadays. Most of the people suffer from this problem and do crazy things for losing weight and end up with no results. In this article, I am going to give 15 weight loss tips that are evidence-based.

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Drink more water: Drinking water helps in burning calories. By drinking water, your metabolism can be boosted. So drink water especially before meals to lose weight

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Drink Black Coffee: By drinking coffee metabolism is boosted and fat burning is increased according to studies. Do not add too much sugar or any high-calorie ingredients to your black coffee

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Drink Green Tea: A small amount of caffeine and powerful antioxidants are present in green tea. These work together and enhance fat burning

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Eat eggs on breakfast: According to studies, eating eggs as breakfast helps in eating fewer calories for the next 36 hours and also helps to lose weight and body fat. So replace your grain-based breakfast with eggs today


Take low- carb diet: Studies has shown that feeding on low- carb diet helps to lose weight 2-3 times more than a low-fat diet

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Eat meals on smaller plates: Eating food on smaller plates will help you to consume fewer calories. It may not affect everyone, but for overweight people, it will surely affect

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Take Spicy foods: Capsaicin is present in chilly peppers which can boost your metabolism and decrease your appetite


Aerobic Exercise: An amazing way of burning calories and improving your overall health is doing aerobic exercise. Doing this type of exercise also helps to lose belly fat


Eat vegetables and Fruits: Fruits and veggies have many properties that help in losing weight. These contain less calories and have high fiber content. So eat more and more vegetables and fruits to lose weight

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Avoid Added sugars: Consumption of sugar leads to obesity, heart disease according to studies. So avoid added sugar-rich foods in order to lose weight

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Avoid Sugary Drinks: According to studies, Sugar-sweetened beverages led to obesity. So avoid such sugary drinks like soft drinks etc. to avoid gaining weight

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Weight lifting: Dieting may lead to muscle loss and slow down metabolism. Weight lifting keeps your metabolism high and prevents the loss of precious muscle. For toned body weight, lifting is important

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Good sleep: Sleeping less led to weight gain or obesity according to studies. So taking a good sleep is important for weight loss and improving the overall health

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Consume more protein: Boost your metabolism by consuming a high protein diet. It is the simplest and easiest way of losing weight

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Consume more fiber: According to studies, fiber is recommended for loss of weight. So eat more fiber to lose weight

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Conclusion: I have mentioned these above evidence-based weight loss tips after doing a lot of research. Follow these above tips and lose your weight naturally. Do you know any other tips to lose weight??? If yes, then please let us know by commenting in our comment box



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