Home remedies for pimples : Oily skin problems is one of the major kin issues we can feel in our daily life. We are living in the 21st century and we all want to become self-independent, in that case, we cant maintain our skin treatment daily. More or less every people are facing skin problems today because the pollution level is increasing day by day, excessive-high temperature.

High temperatures can cause itching problems on our skin, rash, etc. So, today we talk about some home remedies for pimples we can make in our home-which can relieve us of this problem.

List of skin disease problems oily skin problems are also there. for oily skin people these problems cab before long times. now, each and everybody is very much fond of junk food, oily food due to their busy life. they do not have time for cooking in their house.so, that they prefer to eat outside. if we take junk food or oily food regularly after some days we notice that pimples are growing in our body especially on the face and we are worried about it. some people go for a parlor treatment and some people can’t go to it.

Home remedies for pimples:


home remedies for pimples

Drinking water is the best path to get free from this oily skin problems. If any ane takes 10-12 glass of water per day this people will face some less problem regarding skin. drinking more glass of water can release the extra oil from our stomach and also release bad toxins. Drinking water clears our digestive system including the urinal system also.

2. Skin Cleansing:

home remedies for pimples

Oily skin looks greasy or shiny always and looks rough. Blackheads can appear in the nasal area gives more irritation. so, the first solution is regular skin washing. cleaning our skin by warm water, or gentle soap reduces oil. not to use some harsh chemical soap or any other cream/material which may lead to some irritation near future.

3.Skin Toning:

home remedies for pimples

After coming home from our working environment those people having oily skin can feel that their skin looks so dirty and sticky. For those, we suggest using a cleansing toner. We can also use aloe vera gel to get free from these problems.

4. Use of Face Pack :

home remedies for pimples

You can a face pack in your home also using your home appliances like Papaya, Honey, aloe vera gel. Papaya face pack is the best home remedies for skin. To make this pack you just need one papaya, after this, you take out the juice from papaya .with this juice just mixes one spoon of honey and apply it on your skin and remains it for 15-20 mints. after 20 minutes you wash the skin thoroughly with cold water. apply it twice in a week. It gives you fresh and healthy skin.

5.White sandalwood Powder:

home remedies for pimples

we can make another face pack by using our common home remedies. Everybody has sandalwood in their house and we use it for our worship purpose. take a little bit of sandalwood mixture with less amount of honey, mix it and apply it upon face. Sandal is the prime ingredient to remove pimple from our face.

6.Use of Aloe vera Gel:

home remedies for pimples

Aloe vera gel is also helpful for skin problems. It reduces skin irritation, rash problem, tacky skin, etc. Apply Alovera gel on your skin and keep it for 15 minutes. after 15 minutes clean your skin with little warm water after that you can feel your skin fresh.

7. Use of Raw Milk:

home remedies for pimples

For oily skin treatment, some expert says that raw has no other competitor in the market. Raw milk cleans the skin pore from the deep and makes the skin glowing and fresh.

8. Use of Cosmetic clay:

Cosmetic clay is also available in the market. Most of the people use it with one teaspoon rose water. They apply it on the face for 20 mints and wash it with a little bit of hot water. It is one of the best remedies for pimples.

9. Use of Egg Whites with Lemon:

All of us know that egg white removes the dead cell from the skin. though it has a bad smell that is why it can be mix with lemon juice and applies it on the skin(face).

10. Use of tomatoes:

The old-age saints have been used the tomato juice for fair, glowing and healthy skin. It contains vitamins to make our skin healthy. Tomato juice with one teaspoon rose water is the common and best remedies for skin treatment. It removes the pimple by cleaning the skin pores deeply and makes oil-free glowing skin.

Conclusion: we discussed some remedies on oily skin. Everybody wants to look pretty, but our skin problems is the opposition to us. We even go for a parlor treatment but it is not possible for everybody to effort this. That is why if we go for some home-based remedies using our home ingredients it can be very much helpful with less cost and the main thing is in our home-based remedies there are no harmful chemicals so that there is no chance of any side effects. The main important is we should drink enough water to keep our stomach clean as well as to remove some harmful things from our body. Lastly, I want to say that “AVOID JUNK FOOD AND




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