Oriental health insurance company is a private sector company. It is an insurance company that started journey from Delhi. Oriental insurance company provides different types of policies to the customer. All of these are beneficial. There are many health policy schemes is mentioned in this article. Today we will discuss some of these:

Happy Family Floater Policy :

Oriental health insurance

Floater policies are that kind of policy that assured a single sum amount for your family if you are living in India. Three types of plans are available such as diamond, silver, and gold.


If you demand to enjoy the facility when you are living in foreign countries, at that time the company will give you the facility only for SAARC countries. For this you not need to pay any additional premium.

Organ donor facility: This insurance gives the all medicinal facility to both person organ donor and organ receiver.

In its diamond policy scheme, you will get a lumpsum amount of Rs. Up to 20 lakhs.

In this policy scheme, all the women have maternity leave. It also covers the newborn baby expenses like vaccination, all types of health treatment, etc.

Individual Mediclaim Product:

Oriental health insurance

Mediclaim insurance always takes care of all types of medical expenses like a sudden illness, an accident occurs, etc.  When surgery is going on at that time all the expenses are carried by the mediclaim insurance.

Other Salient features:

The hospital costs more than two days will be handled by this medical insurance company. It provides a free lock period that is 15 days. When the party received the receipt copy and if they want they can give the reviews also. If they are not satisfied with the terms and conditions of the policy system they can stop their policy.

Dental Policy:

Dental treatment costs also carried out by these medicinal terms and conditions.

ICU Charges: This policy also expenses the cost of ICU charges. However, this is beneficial.

In the case of a gold plan, the Oriental health insurance company provides customers can do the policy for a minimum of 3 years maximum of 10 years. It can also bear the ambulance charges. In case of shifting the patients also it doesn’t charge any ambulance fee. Moreover, this is helpful.

This mediclaim policy offers a 5% discount on a premium. This discount is also applicable when we go for online policy renewal. So, it is really beneficial.

Oriental health insurance


In the year 2006, this company has become a partner of the National Insurance Company. So, they can’t work individually.  As per the guideline of National Insurance Company Oriental Insurance company continues its work strategy in the market.  

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