Every individual must take health insurance for the health expenses of him and his family throughout life. So it is necessary to choose a good health insurance plan. ManipalCigna Health Insurance is an excellent health insurance. In this article, I will discuss  this in details

ManipalCigna Health Insurance

Benefits of this Health Insurance:

1. In comparison to other health insurance, the waiting period in ManipalCigna Health Insurance

2. A sum assured ranging from Rs 15, 00, 000 to Rs 50, 00, 000 is available.

3. On family plans, you will get attractive discounts

4. The patients who are facing health emergency will get a special private single room


5. It gives coverage to emergency and ambulance expenses

6. It gives to the coverage to newborn baby and vaccination expenses for the first year

7. This plan also gives coverage to daycare treatment

8. Benefits of tax exemption are available, under the 80D section of the Act of Income Tax, 1961

Features of this Health Insurance

1. This plan gives coverage to pre-hospitalization charges for 60 days  and post-hospitalization charges for 180 days ( only medical expenses)

.2. After a 4 years waiting period, it gives coverage to the pre-existing illnesses before purchasing the policy

3. It provides comprehensive coverage with a variety of insurance plans for individual, family, and co-corporates

4. For individuals of age 18 years or above, health check-up is available for free

5. Provides the facility of renewal of the policy any time, during the lifetime. There is no limit on age.

Why this Health Insurance is best???

Provides excellent health security: People will get a safe and secured life with health care and treatment facilities of Manipal Cigna Health Insurance

Your Savings will be boosted: A variety of products are available, that will help in savings for a lifetime. You will get overall health security economically

Health programs are also organized by this company for the fitness and wellness of the clients. As a result, clients can stay fit and healthy both emotionally and mentally


A huge number of hospitals and experts in healthcare are associated with this company. As a result, clients will enjoy excellent services, treatments at affordable prices, health check-ups and many more benefits

Different health plans of ManipalCigna Health Insurance

Pro-health insurance, Super top-up, pro-health cash, pro-health select, pro-health group insurance policy, Lifestyle protection- Accident care, Lifestyle protection- critical care, Global Health Group Policy, Lifestyle protection group policy

Conclusion: ManipalCigna Health Insurance is one of the best health insurance in India. For more details, visit their official website.

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