We know that ‘AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS A DOCTOR AWAY’. Apples are rich in essential nutrients which are extremely beneficial for our health. It has fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium etc. Apples also consist of polyphenols which as many health advantages. So include apples in your diet to enjoy its benefits. We have mentioned some top health benefits of apple. Check out below:

Improves heart health:

Soluble fibre is present in apples which help in decreasing blood cholesterol. Moreover, flavonoids are available in apples, which help in decreasing blood pressure and also lower risk of stroke. Thus you remain safe from cardiovascular diseases.

Prevents cancer:

According to a study, those who eat apples have a low chance of death from cancer. Apple is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which are responsible for lowering the risk of getting cancer

Improves bone health:

Apples are very effective in improving your bone health. Apple is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which are responsible for improving the strength and density of bones

benefits of apple

Promotes weight loss:

Fibre and water are available in apples which makes you fill full. Apples also consist of natural compounds which help in losing weight. This fruit is high in fibre but low in calories. So eat apple regularly if you want to lose weight. It is one of the best benefits of apple

Reduces risk of diabetes:

Apples are very effective in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. According to a study, if you eat at least an apple a day, you have a lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes. This is because of the presence of polyphenol antioxidant in it.

benefits of apple

Gives protection against asthma:

Apples contain antioxidants which help in preventing the oxidative damage of our lungs. Moreover, the flavonoid quercetin, present in the peel of apples helps in regulation of the immune system and decreases inflammation. Thus eating apples regularly gives you protection from asthma and allergic reactions.

Improves mental health:

The decline of mental health may occur with age. Eating apples helps in the preservation of a neurotransmitter which can reduce with age. So eat apples on a regular basis to prevent the decline of your mental health with age.

Conclusion: These are some of the top health benefits of apple. Eating apples regularly is very beneficial for your health and gives you protection from various diseases. So eat at least one apple a day and stay healthy. Eat both skin and flesh for best and effective results.


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